Can I submit a demo to Twang N Bang?

Yup. We will check it out if you send it to us, however you choose to do so, but odds are we won’t “sign” any bands that we don’t know personally. We may be able to help you out with some booking in San Luis Obispo or hook you up with one of our bands for some stuff. And we do plan on occasionally putting out Comp CD’s even though it seems like those went the way of the Dodo.

Is there any way to order your releases other than BandCamp?

While we love the BandCamp way of doing stuff and we strongly encourage you to order that way we will be glad to work something out for you if need be. Just shoot me an email :  twang@twangnbang.com


Is Mike Cross the second coming of Jesus?

We think so.


Do you only work with bands from San Luis Obispo?

Of course not. American Dirt are from Atascadero. No but really…we are open to checking out any band that fits in with what we are doing. It makes sense for us to work with bands close to us though.


Can my ‘Zine/Radio Station/Booking Company get a promo copy of one of you releases?

Probably. Drop me a line and let me know what you need and what it is for : twang@twangnbang.com


Did you copy this whole thing from the Suburban Home Records website FAQ?

More or less.


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