Four on the Floor

12 Sep

Our latest release is a four way split 7″ record, maximum bang for your buck here.  Dead Volts, American Dirt, 50 Watt Heavy and Grub Dog & the Amazing Sweethearts all turn in tight and punchy songs on this micro-mini comp. Get it!

Twang N Bang VIII

20 Aug

Honestly can’t believe we are on Twang N Bang VIII already. Every Labor Day is extra special for us here at Twang n Bang since we get to do our yearly celebration of killer bands. When we first started out it was all San Luis Obispo based bands but since then we’ve started welcoming bands that come through SLO often from such distant lands as Santa Barbara, Sacramento and even Austin, Texas! This years lineup is killer, check it out:


50 Watt Heavy

Grub Dog & the Amazing Sweethearts

The Trouble Spots

Dead Volts

the Mutineers

Blossom Rock

American Dirt

Cuesta Ridge

St. James Infirmary

King Walrus & the Magicians

AMerican Dirt – July 27th

16 Jul

Long awaited and well worth it….

We are very proud to be a part of the debut album from American Dirt, “Heavy Thought & Riddle”. These guys have been putting in the work and becoming a really great band. This album is a killer set of tunes that you will undoubtedly be singing along with well after you finally stop listening and are just trying to get some damn sleep. Trust me I know these things.


We celebrate the release of this album on Saturday July 27th at Camozzi’s in Atascadero. American Dirt will of course be laying down a set featuring songs from the new album and with guest drummer Mark Folkrod holding down the drum throne. Mark’s band the Dead Volts (ever heard of them?) are on the bill as well as the debut of former drummer JP’s brand spanking new band Harvey Dent. So yeah it’s gonna be a pretty killer busy night.


Volume II “For All Mankind”

9 Jun

Super proud of how this comp came out. Amazing bands and singers doing amazing songs. Dig in!


Next Sunday May 26th

18 May


Under the wire!

1 May

This is tonight


The Ryan Adams Songbook

20 Mar

Coming on April 3rd is The Ryan Adams Songbook.


Want to be one of the acts playing the songs of Ryan Adams and Whiskeytown on April 3rd at the Frog and Peach?  Email to sign up.

Coming in May: The Neil Young Songbook

The ________ Songbook Series

31 Jan

Starting in March we will be hosting a monthly show at Frog and Peach Pub in SLO featuring local players playing tribute to our favorite artists. Wednesday March 6th will see us debut this series with “The Wilco Songbook”. If you’re interested in playing some Wilco songs that night please email to sign up.

2013 Year of the Twang

30 Nov

2013 is already looking like an exciting year. In the first quarter of the year we are already looking at putting out our second compilation featuring some awesome artists, a full length from one of our current bands and another split 7″ record featuring some old names and some new names. It’s okay to start getting excited now.

Dirty Video

28 Sep

Check out American Dirt tearing through a new song at Old Ironsides in Sacramento. They are hunkering down to work on a new album soon, think this track will make the cut?