Checking In/ Creston Line/ Caleb Caudle

8 Jun

Caleb Caudle Press Photo

Oh, hey. Long time, no talk.

Sorry. I’m bad at communication. I’m an “in person” guy so I’m not always great at sending missives out into the world. We did do a Twang N Bang last year (2017) but we are not doing one this year. We put out some records, although what that actually means changes release to release, and Jon Bartel will rightfully send me a strongly worded letter if I forget to mention Creston Line’s “Vagabonds”. Actually, let me just do that right now.



While there won’t be a proper Twang this year there are two shows I’m very excited to share with you in the near future. One I can’t say anything about yet but you should circle Aug 24th on your calendar and the other is so rad it deserves it’s own paragraph.

We have Caleb Caudle and his band playing Sweet Springs Saloon in Los Osos on July 10th. Joining Caleb on the bill are the Turkey Buzzards and Red Eye Junction. Nice, huh? When I manage to get lucky and put together bills like this it makes me wonder why I don’t put on more shows. This is one of those shows that you want to actually be around for the entire night. Three top notch acts, and I get the feeling the next time we see Caleb it won’t be in a Sweet Springs sized venue. Please buy your tickets in advance so the venue doesn’t crawl up my ass about it. I thank you in advance.


Twang N Bang XI / Twang N Bang Fest

29 Aug


Coming Up

9 Aug


American Dirt – Sunken Gardens

3 Jun

The new American Dirt album has a release date! The album will be out on July 10 but you can stream a track, “Backroom” right now and pre-order the album to get an immediate digital download of the whole damn thing! You lucky dogs!

Coming Up…

6 May

A whole slew of goodness folks….


Dead Volts – We Are Already Dead

4 Dec

The Dead Volts debut album, “We Are Already Dead”, is now available for streaming and FREE download.

9? We’ve done that many?

14 Aug


Mike Blanchard & the Californios

1 Aug

We first met Mike Blanchard & the Californios in a auto garage in Sacramento. Sounds like the typical fairy tale meeting right?
We knew right away that they’d be a great fit with Twang N Bang because someone has to bring the Twang heavy right? We went ahead and adopted their 2013 release “Gringo” which we expect to see a new pressing of soon but more importantly we look forward to helping get out some brand new music from these folks for you in the near future.

So take a listen to their tunes and then come see them at Twang N Bang IX at the Frog & Peach Pub in SLO on August 31!

Welcome to Twang N Bang Mike Blanchard & the Californios ! Hope you survive the experience !

mb and ca

It’s Alive!

17 Jun

Tons of shows and release news forthcoming! Start with this:


Hey there…

30 Apr

Things have been kind of quiet over here for some time but we are starting to ramp up again with some killer releases and a few shows to boot. First up is the “Californnessee” tour that will see Matt Woods (Now with Drums!), American Dirt, 50 Watt Heavy and the Dead Volts playing a round of shows together in May. It’s a killer line-up for a tour so try to make some of those shows if you can.

We have a few upcoming releases to get excited about to. A split 7″ from two of our favorite artists as well as two full lengths from artists already on the roster. We will be announcing all of this very soon.

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